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Watford FC has Confirmed Bitcoin as Official Shirt-sleeve Sponsor

Watford FC has confirmed Bitcoin as their official sleeve sponsor, in an announcement on their official website. The English premier league side will have the Bitcoin logo appear on the Watford FC shirtsleeve, as part of an educational drive led by innovative sports betting brand

Deal to Boost Crypto Awareness

The Bitcoin-Watford sleeve sponsorship deal is part of a wider campaign to boost awareness around Bitcoin and educate the masses on the benefits of using Bitcoin. The head of marketing at Justin Le Brocque spoke of the newly announced deal with glowing terms;

“The crypto community have been hugely supportive of us since we began, so putting the Bitcoin logo on the sleeve felt like a fun way to give something back while also showing them our support.”

Deal to be crowdfunded

According to the Watford FC announcement, the sponsorship will be crowd funded, which will give those who hold Bitcoin the opportunity to share in the perks granted to Watford FC sponsors. Contributors can bid for public LED spaces shown live during matches. They can also make use of the box for eight people, as well as access to club merchandise. Justin Le Brocque went on to comment about the challenges faced when trying to promote cryptocurrencies.  

“Some of the biggest challenges we and others like us face is raising awareness, dispelling common myths around cryptos and educating the public on the advantages and opportunities presented by cryptocurrencies,” He went on to add

“Our partnership with Watford marks a major disruption in the world of traditional sports sponsorship, and by adding the Bitcoin logo we hope this world’s first partnership will create even more buzz around cryptocurrencies.”

Hornets’ Chairman and CEO Scott Duxbury, also lauded the deal, and said that such a deal worked to challenge the mindset of society. According to him;

“Placing the Bitcoin logo on a Premier League shirt is something that challenges the accepted norm.” He added;

“We’re excited about the partnerships and the potential for new global conversations that it could help start for our club.”

This Watford FC announcement reveals just how deep ties have become between sports and the crypto industry. We have recently seen more and more teams English premier league teams, sign up with crypto related firms. This is after the likes of French champions PSG, and Italian champions Juventus, led the way last year.

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