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Wait, did Santander Bank just Confirm XRP Usage?

The largest bank in Spain Santander appears to be using XRP for cross border payments according to a tweet by Santander UK. The bank just recently released the first mobile application for international payments powered by blockchain technology dubbed One Pay FX.

This move was seen as revolutionary since millions of Santander’s customers across Europe now have access to same day international payments, which makes a world of difference compared to the 3 to 5 days it traditionally takes to send money across borders.

What was also revealed was that this revolutionary app leverages Xcurrent to facilitate fast transactions. Some new information however challenges this idea. A tweet by Santander UK on 23rd March appeared to confirm that the app was using XRP.

Hey Wes, we’re doing great. We’re using XRP for international payments to 18 EU countries and the USA. This is on our iPhone app called One Pay FX. ^TC— Santander UK Help (@santanderukhelp) March 23, 2019

There has not been any statement or announcement by either Ripple, or Santander that One Pay FX app was using XRP. So did Santander UK let the cat out of the bag? Santander UK revealed this while replying to user on Twitter who had enquired how they fairing along with XRP for payments.

Hi all how is Santander getting on with using XRP for payments ?— wes G (@wesgranger) March 23, 2019

Another inconsistency revealed by the tweet is that the One Pay FX app was in operation in 18 European countries, while Santander has had it that the app was only in use in 4 European countries.

These two inconsistencies are quite stark; however it might be argued that the customer service staff at Santander UK may not exactly be clear on the difference between Xcurrent and XRP. That inconsistency can easily be explained away like that, but what do we make of the sharp inconsistency that sees 4 EU countries using One Pay FX, rising to 18? Could this be a case of leaked information? It is quite likely.

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