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Tron joins the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP on crypto Trading Platform eToro

One of the most popular trading platforms out there, eToro has just announced that it has added Tron (TRX) to its lineup of digital assets for its 10 million users. This is huge for the 10th largest crypto-currency that boasts a market cap of $1.5 billion.

Tron (TRX), known and designed for the distribution of entertainment content as well as decentralized apps will now be lining up next to the largest cryptos by market cap on the eToro list of assets. Tron (TRX) will now be the 15th currency available on eToro.

You can look up Tron on that eToro list that now looks like this;





Bitcoin Cash





Ethereum Classic






eToro’s copytrader which happens to be its most popular feature allows users to follow the trading habits of reputable people within the trading space. Investors buying TRX will just like all other investors be able to buy, hold, and sell their assets; users can however not withdraw crypto to their own wallets. Crypto users can also trade, and invest in several assets including stocks and commodities.

It is not hard to tell why Tron caught the attention of eToro, since the former’s list of decentralized apps has been steadily growing after parting with the Ethereum network last year. According to DappRadar, Tron’s TronBank- a gambling app- is the most popular Tron-based dAPP evidenced by the high number of users. Tron has several entries in the top 10. You can check them out below.

Tron’s addition into the eToro platform is a big deal and represents tremendous growth. It is also indication and proof that there is life after Ethereum for the platform, which could go on to attract tons of investors.

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