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The Government of Bogota Launches Free Online Blockchain Course

The capital city of Columbia, Bogota, launched a series of online courses to citizens that cover a raft of new technologies which include Blockchain.

The ambitious programs which seek to get the people up to date with new skills, was sponsored by the Mayor’s office of “Bogot’a Aprende TIC”.  Some of the programs that will be offered include; cloud computing, immersive experience, artificial intelligence, big data, artificial intelligence, event driven architecture, gig economy and Blockchain. All these courses are geared towards strengthening innovation, and developing a path to the future of new technologies in the city.

Blockchain course content

The Blockchain course even at the basic level will be impressively detailed. It will cover the meaning of the Blockchain, advantages and disadvantages, the areas in which it exercises most strongly, its entry into the financial market, the use of Bitcoin (BTC) in the crypto sphere, and the impacts on the transformation processes in digital industry companies.

The intermediate level course will teach children about the inner workings of the technology. The course will look into the application of Blockchain in greater depth, with the understanding that “it has potentials still unexplored”, as put by the mayor of Bogota.

The course is a week-long and neither has a registration deadline or a set date of removal from online. It seeks to serve people living in Bogota that are above the age of fourteen. The course is not only restricted to those in the Columbian capital though, people round the world can also get access. Also related is the planned Bogota Chamber of Commerce’s’ free webinar on “Fintech challenges and opportunities” slated for Tuesday April 28 10.00 AM local time.

The online resource provided by the Columbian capital’s mayor office is just one of the many government efforts around the world seeking to keep education going despite lockdown restrictions. Governments all around the world have made similar online moves so that school calendar years don’t get too affected.

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