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Storj has Launched a Free Storage Program for Covid-19 Research

Decentralized storage network, Storj, has launched a storage program that intends to give a boost to organizations actively fighting Covid-19 through research. The program by Storj is one of the latest contributions that the crypto community has made in the fight against the pandemic.

Organizations researching Covid-19 to get 2TB free storage

The recently announced program will offer free online storage to organizations engaged in research and contributing to the global fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Storj’s storage program will provide organizations that meet the criteria with one terabyte of free cloud storage. The qualifying entities will also receive a monthly bandwidth of one terabyte of storage on its Tardigrade decentralized cloud platform for a year. The company as committed up to five petabytes of data and storage toward Covid-19 research in total, and are willing to consider requests exceeding a terabyte of resources. Storj for those who are unfamiliar, is an open source, decentralized file storage solution that uses encryption, Blockchain, and file sharding to store data on peer to peer networks.

Crypto community boosts fight against pandemic

The crypto community as a whole has rallied massively behind the fight against Covid-19. Apart from the monetary and material donations, the community has also donated computational resources to the distributed research platform, Folding@Home, or F@H. The platform was built by a consortium of scientific research to direct computer power towards medical research. In response to Covid-19, F@H has launched a project to run simulations of the virus’ molecular structure to inform the development of potential treatments.  

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