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Ripple partners with two Japanese Universities for Blockchain Research

Cryptocurrency giant Ripple has announced that it has partnered with Kyoto University and the University of Tokyo as part of its University Blockchain Research initiative (UBRI). These new Japanese partnerships were announced through a press release on Monday.

According to Ripple senior director of global operations, Emi Yoshikawa; there is a high interest in Blockchain within Japanese Academia.

“Japan is quickly becoming a leading force in crypto assets and Blockchain. The region has always been forward thinking and exploring ways to improve the current financial system. We have seen high levels of interest from the academic community on topics around Blockchain and crypto. Ripple is committed to engaging and inspiring students to become part of the workforce of the future, across areas such as Blockchain, distributed computing, banking and fintech.”

The partnership will reportedly see the University of Tokyo award scholarships to students doing Blockchain research, on top of that; the institution’s economics department is planning to hold public seminars on Blockchain and settlement.

The institutions crypto activity will not just stop with the students, the university’s economic professors are also carrying out research on the evolving financial system, as well as frameworks of regulation and supervision for crypto assets and Blockchain technology.

The partnership will also see Kyoto university students engage in extensive Blockchain research. Graduate students of the institution are conducting research in areas such as remittances by migrant workers, supply chain management, and digital identity management for refugees. Ripple will be providing financial resources as well as expertise to support research through its UBRI program to these institutions of higher learning, in an effort to spur innovation.

As per the press release, Ripples UBRI program has now partnered with 33 universities in total. According to Ripple, demand for tech solutions is growing as globalization increases. The cryptocurrency giant hopes that by partnering with universities; the company can help nurture and bring in a new generation of engineers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and many other Blockchain literate professionals.

Ripple’s senior vice president of global operations, Eric van Miltenburg lauded the partnerships made through the company’s UBRI Program by saying;

“As the industry matures, the academic community plays a pivotal role in paving the road for innovative companies and entrepreneurs leveraging Blockchain technologies and digital assets.”

Given that the demand for Blockchain related jobs is on the rise as we had reported earlier in the month, Ripple’s move to encourage Blockchain literacy is quite commendable. The cryptocurrency giant’s massive outlay in Blockchain education will definitely give the company a good rep, which will ensure growth; while also seeing to it that thousands of Blockchain professionals are created.

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