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Pundi X Releases First “Entirely Blockchain powered” Smartphone

Pundi X has reportedly released the first ever Bob smartphone entirely powered by the Blockchain. The decentralized offline cryptocurrency sales network firm showcased the Bob Blockchain smartphone at the IFA trade show in Berlin according to a report by portal CIOL.

According to Pundi X, its BOB smartphone will be the first one ever in which every bit of data will be executed on the function X Blockchain ecosystem- the company’s Blockchain. This means that no centralized providers will be able to have access to user’s data. Pundi X’s co-founder and CEO Zac Cheah, expressed delight in this new development;

 “BOB marks a big step forward in our mission of creating a Blockchain Internet, a fully decentralized network where every piece of data shared is under the owner’s control.”

According to Pundi X, the phone will have both traditional mobile functionalities, and Blockchain functionalities. Users will be able to switch between Blockchain mode and android mode. In android mode, the device operates like a traditional android-based mobile phone; on the other hand the device runs on Pundi X’s open-source operative system (OS), which decentralizes all the devices processes, giving users control over their data. According to Pundi X co-founder Zac Cheah,

“BOB gives a sneak peek of a world powered entirely by Blockchain technology, where everyone has control over their own data and everything is executed with the expectations of immutability and transparency.”

Pundi X is reportedly launching a crowd funding campaign on kick starter to popularize the phone. The company will price the phone at $599 with only 5,000 devices planned to be sold in the first batch. Pundi X’s BOB is not the first phone that will seek to provide more user friendly access to Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Earlier this week, South Korean electronics giant LG announced that it was working on releasing a Blockchain smartphone that will rival Samsung’s Klaytn smartphone.   

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