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Miss Universe Finland 2015: Crypto Volatility turns Off Women

Miss Universe Finland 2015 winner believes that Crypto volatility puts off female investors. The beauty queen made those remarks while responding to a crypto analyst and contributor at Cointelegraph, Flib Flib on a Twitter discussion.

The analyst had sought to find out why the crypto industry seemed to be pre-dominantly male. The 2015 Miss Universe Finland winner responded by stating that the volatile nature of Bitcoin (BTC) turns off female investors and is more appealing to men.

She tweeted

“Women are more risk-conscious in general and often go for a ‘slow & steady’ investment strategy,” she then added

“The current general perception of Bitcoin in the msm makes it even less probable for the average women (and men) to get involved.”

Crypto Gender statistics

The 2015 Miss Universe Finland winner whose name is Rosa-Maria Ryyti, certainly has an interesting take on crypto and gender; but is cryptocurrency shifting the gender balance? Current data is indicating that around 90% of Bitcoin users are male. This scenario has frequently been the subject of debate, with dedicated structures promptly being set up to encourage and increase female involvement

A Cointelegraph report from June indicated that 5% of Githumb crypto code came from women. About a month later, a report analyzing crypto ownership in the European continent indicated that as many as 20% of crypto holders in Europe were female. The 2015 Miss Universe Finish beauty queen herself rose to prominence more recently thanks to her Bitcoin advocacy by participating in the Lightning Torch Bitcoin transaction relay earlier this year.

Popular Women getting involved in crypto

A few female popular names have recently grabbed attention for being Bitcoin and crypto advocates. Popular reality star and Fashion Icon Kim Kardashian promoted Bitcoin last year, and even got a 1 Bitcoin donation for it. More recently, popular adult film star Brenna Sparks has caught the public eye by being a staunch crypto advocate. She has quite effectively used her naughty persona and sex appeal to promote cryptos and raise interest in the industry.

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