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Juventus fans Pick Goal Song through Blockchain-based Platform

The fans of Italian Soccer giants and league champions Juventus have used the Socios platform to identify the song to be played on match days every time the team puts the ball on the back of the opposition’s net. Juventus fans made the decision through a vote which was the first ever poll held on the Blockchain-based Socios platform.

The Socios platform is a tokenized fan-voting space for sports and a real use case of the club’s branded token- Juv. The poll that sought to decide on the goal scoring song was initiated back in December with the club seeking to use the platform to find that signature tune.

The poll results showed that fans decided on Song 2 by Blur, as the new song that will be played at Juve’s Allianz stadium every time they score. The poll was heralded not just because of it being the first on the Blockchain based platform, but also because of its inclusivity. Thousands of Juventus fans from around the world took part in the poll which is a great advert for what Blockchain-based platforms like Socios can do to unite global fan bases.

Alexander Dreyfus, CEO of Socios spoke about the history of utility tokens;

“Till now most of the utility tokens we’ve seen were about protocol and layers. There were about Blockchain itself. For one of the first time, you can see the utility of a Blockchain-based asset that is used in real life by real people. It is very early stage and that was a debut but it happened. We use Blockchain for 2 reasons. One is creating a limited amount of ‘Fan Tokens’ which are fungible tokens (ERC20 on Chiliz Proof of Authority chain for now) that give a voice to fans all over the world, but also we use Blockchain for the fairness and transparency of the vote.”

Dreyfus also said that Socios was planning to run similar polls with other soccer clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain, Atletico Madrid, Galatasaray, West Ham, and AS Roma, in the next few weeks. Dreyfus also commented on how this move would aid mainstream adoption of Blockchain technology. He stated that real mainstream utility tokens are far from the nature of BTC and payments.

The Juventus branded token took a year to develop before being released on Dec 2 2019. Its initial price was 2 Euros ($2.2) per token at the time.

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