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Highly Anticipated Sun-Buffet Crypto Lunch Postponed!

The Tron foundation has announced that the hotly anticipated crypto lunch meeting between the firm’s CEO Justin Sun, and Billionaire Warren Buffet; has been postponed to a later date that will be revealed soon.

The well anticipated lunch that was to see Mr. Sun, Warren buffet, and other invited guests have lunch and discuss crypto was postponed after Justin Sun fell ill with Kidney stones. All the parties that were to be involved agreed on the postponement and also agreed to reschedule the meeting to a later date.

The high power lunch that was to be held on July 25, was the prize for winning a charity auction. Sun put in a bid of $4.6 million earlier in the year and was eager to introduce the notoriously crypto cynical Billionaire, Warren Buffet to some of the most influential figures in the crypto space. As of Monday, Sun had lined up a high power delegation which included Circle’s Jeremy Allaire, Huobi’s Chris Lee, Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, and trading platform eToro’s Yoni Assia.

The specific subjects to be discussed during the lunch were not disclosed, but one can only imagine the direction the conversation would have gone bearing in mind that Buffet had famously called Bitcoin “rat poison squared”. He had also made a number of unflattering remarks about the crypto space, which put him up there with the likes of Nouriel Roubini as a famous crypto cynic.

Justin Sun himself is a controversial figure, and a successful young creator of the Tron cryptocurrency and the head of its foundation which bears the same name. Sun convinced Buffet to move the charity lunch from its traditional New York location, to the Silicon Valley. Justin also convinced other notable names in the crypto space to help him through his charm offensive that sought to turn Billionaire investor Warren Buffet into a believer. He also did a good job popularizing the lunch date that had those in the crypto space marking their calendars.

Justin’s outreach to Buffet is with good reason. A notable figure such as Buffett would help raise the profile of cryptocurrencies and have more investors trickling in to put their money behind crypto projects. This would go a long way to help crypto in its journey to mainstream adoption. Many argue that the industry is on the path to maturity compared to a year ago, where the crypto markets were thought of as a playground for dreamy enthusiasts.

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