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Crypto Cynic Nouriel Roubini wants the World to see his Latest Anti-crypto Tirade

New York University (NYU) professor Nouriel Roubini, who is a popular crypto cynic, has gone on an anti-crypto tirade in front of a crowd of crypto enthusiasts at the Asia Blockchain summit; and he wants the world to see it.

The CEO of Roubini Macro associates called on Bitmex CEO and co-founder Arthur Hayes to release the video for all to see, in a Twitter post.

The video is a debate between Roubini and Hayes at the Asia Blockchain summit in Taipei, which was hyped by the organizers almost the same way organizers, would hype a boxing bout. Just like the Mohammed Ali -Manila fight back was hyped and dubbed “Thriller in Manila”; this crypto bout was dubbed “Tangle in Taipei”

The two were set to have quite the duel and the footage whose rights are owned and controlled by Bitmex CEO Arthur Hayes has not been released. The Bitmex CEO did not allow for the footage to be streamed live, and the audience was barred from live recording the event. Hayes said he plans to release the highlights of the debate at a later time, which has disappointed a lot of followers who were not at the summit.

Roubini attacked him for it immediately on Twitter and went on to call him a coward after stating that he had destroyed him in the debate. At the “bout” Roubini attacked the key tenets of cryptocurrencies; criticizing its technology, lack of convenience, and security; which he has consistently done throughout his anti-crypto crusade. Hayes responded by acknowledging the presence of some malicious actors in the space, but insisted that cryptos provided a valuable service for those who wanted to avoid government regulation and surveillance.

In his response to Roubini’s attacks, Arthur added “People love to speculate, we’re just trying to give them an opportunity to do it in a safe manner.” The footage of the debate being unavailable for now, has incensed Roubini who believes that he made some killer points at the summit. Another of Roubini’s attacks on crypto is its volatility, which is a point that resonates with a lot of people in the space. Volatility has been a headache for investors in the space especially in the past week; with the price of BTC nearly reaching $14,000, before dropping back to $10,000 a few days later.

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