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Buying and Selling Crypto Just Got Easier

If you are late to the digital currency party and not sure where to start, then we got you. Check out to get a better understanding of cryptos and how to transact with them. is not the kind of site that’s designed with the assumption that all are experts. It has simple prompts that guide you and are friendly to even newbies.

Getting started

You can get involved either through the Coinme Bitcoin kiosks and ATMs, or the private client arrangement. Their Bitcoin kiosks are easiest and safest solution to converting cash into Bitcoin. Using these kiosks will include you in this futuristic financial system as well as access to thousands of Coinme Bitcoin ATMs across the U.S.

The private client arrangement offers professional help to users. You will be assisted as either as an individual or an organization to store and manage your digital portfolio. This ensures that you make an educated decision whenever making large Bitcoin transactions.

America’s first licensed Bitcoin Kiosk Company

In as little as 60 seconds and with 4 taps on the screen, you can turn your cash into Bitcoin and join the digital currency economy.

Buy Bitcoin at Coinstar, Powered by Coinme

Just as easy as our Coinme Kiosks, we’ve partnered with Coinstar® to let you purchase digital currency from 1000s of locations you visit every day. You could discover that you can easily purchase Bitcoin just a few blocks from your home or work.

Making money accessible to all

Coinme believes money should be accessible anywhere. They are on a mission to help people everywhere understand and utilize the power of digital currencies as a delightful medium-of-exchange and financially beneficial store-of-value 

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