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Blockchain Projects Launch Joint Corona Testing App

In the middle of the Covid-19 heat that the world is currently experiencing, Genobank, a Blockchain project that seeks to offer consumer ownership of DNA data, is preparing to launch a Corona virus testing app. The app will based on EOS and will be based on Blockchain platform Telos.

A recent announcement from the Telos foundation shows that the app will allow users to share their information with healthcare organizations. Open source app Agerona will store the test data on the Telos Blockchain, while Genobank introduces a token that will enable information sharing. The Telos app is expected to launch this month as more Corona virus cases continue to be reported all over the world.

Privacy concerns could affect testing efforts

The project could face hurdles to do with privacy though. According to some authorities, undocumented people could avoid treatment out of fear of being detained and deported. This is a concern that plagues the effort as Angerona prepares to facilitate purchases from partner test supplies. Angerona will facilitate purchases from partner test suppliers with users scanning a unique barcode that will help to link results with an anonymous Telos account. Test kits will then be sent to a partner lab for analysis with results anonymously uploaded to the Telos Blockchain.

Geobank chief executive Daniel Uribe described the project as one that seeks to ensure people can access tests privately and securely. Though the project was initially meant for the United States, it does have contributors in the UK, Israel, and Iran. Agerona plans to soon release an experimental feature that utilizes A.I diagnostic tools to analyze sound clips of people coughing.

Blockchain at the forefront in fighting Pandemic

The Blockchain has been actively involved in the fight against the pandemic since it started spreading globally. March 27 saw the launch of the ‘IReportCovid’ survey app by Algorand. The app was created to encourage both the sick and healthy to take repeated tests to ensure that they track the symptoms of the disease. Proper tracking of symptoms has shown the potential of curbing spread and containing the disease.

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