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Blockchain-based Platform to Offer Virtual Classes to Schools Affected by the Coronavirus

Blockchain-based education technology provider Odem has offered to provide its platform to schools amid the Coronavirus pandemic. The platform will be offering its classes to schools and universities that have been casualties of the virus according to a March 9 press release.

The online educator stated that it would offer its “online integrated learning platform and certification management system free for use to schools and educators to continue educating students until it is safe to return to campus.”

                       Free virtual classes for schools closed amid the pandemic

Speaking to popular crypto publication Cointelegraph, Odem co-founder Richard Maaghul stated that the Coronavirus “is a big concern for us and we want to make sure that we do everything possible to assist in keeping the education doors open, even if it has to be virtual.”

Maaghul was adamant that learning should continue despite the many concerns raised by the spread of the pandemic. He said:

“We are able to track students’ activity working remotely so that when students go back to school, the institutions are able to track what they’ve accomplished and register that on the Blockchain and even bring it back into their traditional accreditation systems,”

Maaghul heralded the Odem platform as a resource-packed place helpful to all those willing to learn. He described the platform as “an on-demand education marketplace that allows students, educators, employers, and institutions of higher learning come together and be able to access [and] request education, education verification, and credentialing of their academic records and skills that come along with it.”

                            University to upload 500 courses on Odem

The platform co-founder revealed that their offer had attracted reactions from Italy, Ireland, Cairo, and Germany. He also revealed that U.S based Oral Roberts University was looking to upload 500 of their courses on the Odem platform. The university’s initiative would help them prepare for virtual classes given the current environment.

                           Blockchain-backed efforts to combat Coronavirus

Blockchain backed initiatives have been deployed to combat the pandemic that threatens to go global. Chinese media outlet Xinhua estimated that China’s central government had deployed Blockchain technologies for at least 20 applications related to its response to the coronavirus. Alipay also partnered with the Zhejiang provincial health commission and the economy and information technology department to launch a Blockchain-based platform. The platform would enable charity organizations to collaborate with greater efficiency and transparency by tracking the allocation of relief and medical supplies.

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