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Adult site Pornhub announce Tether as New Payment Option

Adult site Pornhub, have announced a new crypto payment option after PayPal abruptly stopped supporting their services in late 2019. The porn site now supports Tether (USDT), a major United States dollar-pegged stablecoin- to allow instant and zero-fee payments via the crypto wallet and browser extension TronLink.

Severed ties with PayPal

Reports have it that PayPal severed its ties with Pornhub in Mid-November last year after the adult site reportedly made some payments without permission. Following the news, the crypto community saw an opportunity to add a new use case for crypto by pushing Bitcoin as a new payment option. As these developments were taking place, it became clear that most models on the adult site needed education on Bitcoin and crypto; since most of them had no clue about digital currencies.

Pornhub Transactions using Tether

To begin sending and accepting payments in Tether, Pornhub models download the TronLink wallet app that is available both on Apple store and Google Play, Pornhub noted. Alongside Tether, Pornhub is also now supporting a new payment processor known as Cosmo payment. Tron CEO Justin Sun went on to comment about the partnership with Pornhub on Twitter.

Pornhub has been quietly but actively pushing for crypto adoption by promoting use cases on its platform. In August 2019, the adult site announced a partnership with crypto payment and billing startup PumaPay to enable user payments in crypto. Back in 2018, the adult entertainment site partnered with cryptocurrency Verge (XVG) to accept the coin as payment for Pornhub premium and all Pornhub purchases.

The adult entertainment industry embracing cryptocurrency is no big surprise. The industry has faced pushback from financial institutions with models being denied banking services on the basis of morality. Crypto is a viable avenue for them to escape such restrictions and do what they do freely. A popular personality in the adult space, Brenna Sparks, is one of the biggest crypto advocates in the industry. She has slowly positioned herself as the sexy crypto poster girl of our time.  

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